Da intervenção especializada à humanização dos cuidados
: o papel da comunicação

Translated title of the thesis: From specialized intervention to humanization of care: the role of communication
  • Joana Filipa Ferreira Sequeira (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Introduction: This internship report is part of the course unit "Final Internship and Report", integrated into the curricular plan of the 15th Master's Degree Course in Nursing, specializing in Medical-Surgical Nursing, in the area of Nursing for People in Critical Condition, of the Institute of Health Sciences, Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Objective: It was developed with the purpose of analyzing and describing the acquired competencies of Master and Specialist Nurse in Medical-Surgical Nursing, contributing to the construction of nursing knowledge and evolving at a professional and personal level, taking into account evidence-informed, reflected and reasoned practice, serving as a mirror to the work developed in the Intensive Care Medicine and Emergency Services. Methodology: It uses a critical-reflective and descriptive methodology based on the most recent scientific evidence. Structurally, it is divided into three main chapters, namely: "A contribution to the development of skills for specialized nursing care", "Acquisition and development of skills for specialized nursing care", and "From specialized intervention to humanization of care: the role of communication". The first chapter explains and reflects on the internship carried out in the first year of this master's course, addressing the previously acquired skills. The second chapter, in turn, is composed of two subchapters, which initially provide a brief characterization of the clinical contexts of internship and, subsequently, a critical-reflective and reasoned analysis of the activities carried out in the acquisition and development of skills acquired in the internship contexts. The third and final chapter presents a reasoned reflection on the theme that served as a common thread to build this journey. Results: During my time at the Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department, I developed skills in caring for critically ill patients and their families, specifically verbal and non-verbal communication skills, which, based on the establishment of a therapeutic relationship with the patient and his/her family, are essential for the provision of quality specialized care; care and resource management skills - inherent to the need to promote favorable nursing practice environments; skills in the promotion of infection prevention and control strategies, and also in the field of learning, where I was a promoter of change and a proactive agent in research by producing scientific work and sharing the results with the teams. Conclusion: This report contributed to the reflection on the intervention of the Nurse Specialist in the provision of humanized care, taking into account the key role played by therapeutic communication in the quality of care. All the objectives set out were met, and this report records the path of acquisition and development of skills related to critically ill patients and their families.
Date of Award27 Jun 2023
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorMaria Helena de Oliveira Penaforte (Supervisor)


  • Medical-surgical nursing
  • Person in critical situation
  • Family
  • Humanization of care
  • Therapeutic communication


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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