Efeitos fisiológicos das terapias de imposição de mãos
: revisão sistemática da literatura

  • Paulo Cézar Strombech (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Background - Impositions of hands therapies or also called energy therapy are included among the alternative therapies and has been gaining wide popularity over the past two decades. Objectives - This review sought by quantitative evidence demonstrated in randomized, controlled, double blind trials whose goal has been to demonstrate physiological and/or psycho-physiological effects of these therapies. Search methods - The search was performed from 29/April/2013 to 14/May/2013 in the following databases: Online Knowledge Library (b-on), Medline, EMBASE, Lilacs, Cochrane, SCIELO, Bireme, Pub Med, National Research Register (NRR), Guide to Selected Registers, Trip data base, Health services/technology assessment text (HSTAT), National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment Lock's Guide to the Evidence (SIGN Guidelines), using the key words "Therapeutic Touch, Toque terapêutico , Johrei, Reiki, Laying on of Hands, QiGong, LeSham, Spiritist Pass ". Selection criteria - A search was conducted for double blind, randomized controlled trials, published and unpublished without restricting the type of participants except in vitro studies. Data collection and analysis - Altogether 328 studies were identified in databases and additional searches. After analyzing of the abstracts remaining 28 studies that met the inclusion requirements predetermined and were included. Of these 11 were classified as awaiting classification for not having the full texts available for analysis. The remaining 17 were included. Main results – Five animal trials and twelve human trials were included. The effect of laying on of hands therapies on the physiological system in these studies was very different. Heterogeneity of procedures and physiological parameters of measurement was extremely variable, even with differing results for the same parameter between studies was found. Overall most studies did not show relevant statistic results for physiological parameters. All trials failed to provide sufficient information to evaluate the quality which suggests a high risk of bias for the main parameters of quality assessment. Authors' conclusions - There is no solid evidence that the imposition of hands therapies promote significant physiological changes in humans or animals.
Date of Award11 Nov 2014
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorMargarida Maria Vieira (Supervisor)


  • Mestrado em Feridas e Viabilidade Tecidular

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