Estratégias de comunicação dos valores de marca
: estudo de caso Juventude Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa (JCVP)

  • Sara Manuela Lopes Oliveira (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), created with the purpose of benefiting society,are an important economic and social force. However, their daily life is lived in anextremely competitive environment and, consequently, it is essential to gain the trust of their public, transmitting an image of credibility in order to contribute, positively, to their image, market positioning, and consequently, to their reputation. Social marketing is the main strategy used by NPOs to streng then their global brandin the market, by adapting the traditional marketing mix. Promotion is one of the four variables that are shaped by social marketing and, since the digital medium has become the most predominant way of interacting with their audiences, it adapts to digital communication channels, such as social media. Through social advertising and its power of persuasion, emerging issues are communicated and debated. LNPOs, based on a social marketing strategy and through advertising, will achieve their main goal - social change. This internship report focused on the study of the youth department brand of the Portuguese Red Cross Institution - Juventude Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa (JCVP). This study aims to investigate the communication strategies of the JCVP in order to promote its values among its audiences. In view of the results obtained, and despite a lowawareness, it is understandable that the JCVP is perceived as a conscious, inclusive, empathetic and human department that, through a more active presence in the digital environment, will be able to increase awareness and demand for its brand, exposing its values to a greater number of users.
Date of Award14 Dec 2022
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorClarisse Pessôa (Supervisor)


  • Brand communication
  • Brand values
  • Social marketing
  • Social advertising


  • Mestrado em Comunicação Digital

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