Estudo observacional longitudinal e prospectivo das recessões gengivais em alunos de medicina dentária

  • Luténio Soares de Faria Júnior (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Introduction: Periodontal disease has always been present in humans throughout history. The loss of attachment poses a threat to the integrity of the tooth, the gum and bone tissue. There are several risk factors responsible for the onset of periodontal disease, such as age, sex, race, genetics, socio-economic status, habits and changes at the systemic level. One of the common conditions associated with the development of periodontal disease is gingival recession. The aim of this study is to analyze gingival recession, his incidence and association with brushing motions. Methodology: Data collection aimed at two groups. A group of students from the 1st year and another composed of students of the 5th year. A questionnaire consists of 14 questions whose main theme is the oral hygiene habits. After execution of the questionnaire is filled plaque index (Quigely Hein). Then proceed to the execution of the oral examination, which identified the teeth that have gingival recession and the site (buccal or lingual / palatal) where it is. For each gingival recession quantified the height of gingival recession, probing depth, width of keratinized tissue, and the presence / absence of bleeding. Results: The incidence of gingival recession proved to be quite varied. We obtained an average of gingival recession per student higher in the 5th year students, as well as the male students. It was also observed that gingival recession are more numerous in the posterior teeth in the upper arch and anterior teeth in the lower arch, and this fact is common to students of the 1st and 5th year. Conclusion: The mean gingival recessions are higher for students in the 5th year and male. The mean values of the average height of the recession, probing depth, width of keratinized gum and teeth with bleeding are always higher in students of the 5th year.
Date of Award11 Jul 2013
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorTiago Marques (Supervisor) & Nuno Malta dos Santos (Co-Supervisor)


  • Periodontal disease
  • Gingival recession
  • Etiology
  • Incidence


  • Mestrado em Medicina Dentária

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