Evidência e qualidade na excelência do cuidado especializado

  • Ana Rita Cardoso Maurício (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This report is part of the Curricular Unit Internship Report of the 10th Master's Degree Program in Nursing of a Professional Nature in the Specialization Area in Medical-Surgical Nursing, of the Health Sciences Institute of the Portuguese Catholic University. Its main objective is to describe the course, through the critical reflection of the general and specific objectives outlined, as well as to give visibility to the activities developed, reporting the situations / problems encountered, referring to the suggested strategies for its resolution, culminating in the description of acquired competences At the level of the Internship Course that is subdivided into three modules: Module I - Emergency Service, Module II - Intensive Care Unit and Module III - Optional. I began the internship through Module II, which concerns the Intensive Care Unit of a Central Hospital in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo. It’s important to be aware that during this internship a study was developed consisting of a systematic review of the literature, with the goal to identify nursing interventions that prevent the appearance of face pressure ulcers in the person undergoing noninvasive ventilation, which allowed the development Knowledge that promote an advanced nursing practice. Subsequently, I completed an internship related to Module III, which concerns the optional module, performed in the perioperative Nursing area, in the operating room of a Central Hospital of Lisbon, in which I developed a second systematic literature review, aiming to identify nursing interventions which prevent intraoperative pressure injuries, also with the mission of developing and sharing knowledge that elevate nursing care provided to a level of excellence. Finally, the stage related to Module I, which concerns the Emergency Department of a Hospital in Medio Tejo, was reorganized, in which the organization and functionality of part of the emergency room components was reorganized, with the objective of promoting a safe environment and consequent improvement of the quality of care provided. During this course of training, competences were continuously acquired with the aim of contributing to the progress of the profession, based on a study of evidence, with a beneficial contribution to the development of theoretical knowledge and practice. The analysis reflects a personal and professional growth, with the development of theoretical and practical knowledge that elevated the care to a level of excellence, where the quality and scientific evidence has taken center stage in the acquisition of specialized care.
Date of Award22 Sept 2017
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorIsabel Rabiais (Supervisor)


  • Critical patient
  • Injury prevention
  • Nursing care
  • Quality of care
  • Evidence


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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