Exibição de cinema independente na cidade do Porto
: o caso do Batalha Centro de Cinema no contexto europeu

  • Mafalda Barbosa Trigueiro da Rocha (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The importance of independent cinema exhibition has been addressed by several authors. While cinema and audiovisual policies represent one of the main focuses of European cultural policies, it is still scarce in investigation in the European Union and in Portugal. The distribution of public policies in cinema remains asymmetrical as incentives for film production remain the main target of public policies and they ought to be articulated with distribution and exhibition. This dissertation focuses on the non-commercial and semicommercial film exhibition subsector in Porto, particularly, on the reopening proposal of the Batalha Centro de Cinema, its value in the social and cultural dynamics of Porto and an historical framework. The present research seeks to understand the role of the film centre as a social, economic, and cultural driver in cities. For that, the investigation includes a data revision regarding public policies for this sector in the EU and in Portugal, the history of cinema in Porto as well as a benchmarking analysis between film centres in other cities, such as the Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam, Light House in Dublin, Home Cinema in Manchester, and Filmhouse in Edinburgh for a deeper understanding of the role of the film centre in the city. This research aims at contributing to the knowledge on the role of cultural institutions on the well-being, livelihood, and economy of cities.
Date of Award26 Jan 2023
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorBruno Filipe de Azevedo Costa (Supervisor)


  • Mestrado em Gestão de Indústrias Criativas

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