: caracterização e análise de custos em Moçambique

  • Ana Cristina Barros Pereira Xavier (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In undeveloped countries such as Mozambique, the precariousness of studies, particularly in the area of wounds, does not follow the existing knowledge in other countries. Only a few population-based studies in the area of wounds and lesions were performed in different African countries. The objective of this study was to contribute to the diagnosis of the situation of wounds in a community of Mozambique: characterize the patients and the treatment of wounds at the Chingussura Hospital; evaluate treatment costs per patient with wounds in said hospital. As a starting point a demography characterization of the population covered by the Hospital of Chingussura–Beira–Mozambique was made. An epidemiological study was carried out on Chingussura Hospital, focusing on 107 individuals (50 women, 57 men) receiving wound treatment; for the researcher, this was the first observation made in each case. Data collection complied with: age, gender and profession of the patient, using a survey where they met some of the criteria used in the Epidemiological Study of Wounds, which analyzed the distribution of population by gender; the classification of wounds; the classification of wounds by frequency of dressing changes; the classification of wounds by dressing material with therapeutic action; cost data by classification of wounds; location of wounds; the classification of wounds by their location; duration of the wound, classification by duration of treatment and frequency of dressing changes per week, type of tissue, signs present and deep compartment. Examining the results presented in this study it was found that the sample is more than 50% male, the vast majority of wounds are traumatic and relevant location at the foot; generally, all types of wounds have a frequency of dressing changes of three times a week, and for each dressing change, the nurse spent about two minutes to complete it, using in most cases only 0.025% chlorine. Estimating the cost of each treatment of wounds of different etiologies, it was found that for each time the patient performs a dressing, it leads to an average hospital cost of €0,50 (18,6 MZM), which amounts to a total monthly expense of €6,04 (223,20 MZM) . As a main conclusion of this study, was that we where pioneer in the research in the wound area in Mozambique, and that in the future the study may serve as a basis for further evaluations of costs and economic impact on health.
Date of Award2012
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorJoão Costa Amado (Supervisor) & Paulo Alves (Supervisor)


  • Wounds
  • Treatment costs
  • Wound treatment
  • Mozambique


  • Mestrado em Feridas e Viabilidade Tecidular

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