: a contribution to the (re)construction of Portugueses collective memory

  • Luana Parisius de Lima (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Historical fiction is a popular medium through which individuals inform themselves about the past. It is part of a continuous process through which collective memory is created, reinforced and reconstructed. By tackling issues and subjects that are not widely discussed within the public sphere, it encourages viewers to critically reflect and become aware of their past. Thus, rather than informing, it helps to shape a social group’s identity.
A recent example of such a historical fiction is the series Glória, the first Portuguese Netflix original. The series is set in 1968 and based on Raret, a retransmission center in Portugal that broadcasted anti-communist propaganda to the East bloc from 1951 to 1996. Despite the major role it played for radio propaganda during the Cold War, Raret remained a hidden part of Portuguese history, of which many Portuguese individuals - including historians - are not aware of. Thus, Glória brings the public’s attention to the history of the retransmission center by portraying the possibilities of what living in that context was like. This includes not only the depiction of the Raret, but also the relationship between Portugal and the United States, the war Portugal waged against its colonies and the experiences of people living during Portugal’s fascist regime.
Glória thus (re)constructs Portuguese collective memory by creating a historical world (histosphere) and placing fictional characters inside it, theorizing how they would deal with the challenges of their time. This allows the audience to immerse themselves in the histosphere, perceive the characters’ struggles and become aware of the experiences of individuals of different social groups who lived in a certain time period.
Date of Award20 Feb 2023
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorCatarina Duff Burnay (Supervisor)


  • Glória
  • Collective memory
  • Raret
  • Estado Novo
  • Cold War


  • Mestrado em Serviço Social

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