Habitar a paisagem
: análise, conceitos e soluções : a "Casa Gerês" de Carvalho Araújo

  • Kátia Valverde Sobral (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In the present paper we propose the identification of new ways of inhabiting through an analysis supported on in situ observation and direct participation in a study case within the professional traineeship context. It is a single family house, located in Serra do Gerês – the Casa Gerês based on the critical analysis and the projectual development, both centred in the habitat (house) / nature (landscape) relationship. The report presents and describes the problematic of the theme – new inhabiting trends, and its adequacy to the professionalized dynamics of the traineeship as a final exam. The methodology consists in research and bibliographic review, as well as in a housing projectual development. The technical and the practical side of reality crossed ways with the scientific one through the theory, namely within the analysis, concepts and solutions components. Thus, the bibliographic review looked at the architecture phenomenology, namely within the study of the notions of place, inhabit and landscape according to Christian Norberg-Schulz (1980) and Martin Heidegger (1993). The concepts debated were revealed though the evidences found at the workshop practical reality. The entire debate on the work, and the place created by it, initially contributed to a more thorough notion of this workshop work and its peculiar relationship with the place. The mentioned debate also contributed to create a basis for the experiences arising from the workshop, as well as the contemporary debate that involves the concept of inhabiting and architecture as elements that analyse, design and identifies it. In sum, the main problematic of the research was based on "Inhabiting the landscape", on the critical analysis of notions such as ‘house’, ‘inhabit’, and ‘landscape’ related to the Casa Gerês, showing that the house is, hypothetically, the materialization of the dialectics between humanity and nature.
Date of Award2014
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa


  • Inhabit
  • Landscape
  • Place
  • Stage


  • Mestrado em Arquitetura

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