Humanização dos cuidados de enfermagem em pediatria
: atuação do enfermeiro especialista

  • Inês Russo Lopes (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The humanization of care is a central concept for excellent nursing practice. In thissense, talking about humanization in nursing is talking about caring for the other,being a human being with several dimensions. With the advancement oftechnology, care has been very focused on carrying out technical procedures, leading to their dehumanization, thus highlighting the importance of this theme. The humanization of pediatric care gains special relevance as children are in fulldevelopment and their immaturity leads them to experience difficulty inunderstanding / dealing with the nursing care provided to them, especiallypainful ones. The family is an essential resource for the child and the nurse, since the provision of care in pediatrics is characterized by care centered on the familyand in partnership with the family, being also the target of care. The general objective was to develop skills as a specialist child and pediatrichealth nurse in the light of the humanistic theory of Paterson and Zderad, indifferent contexts, in order to contribute to the humanization of pediatric nursing care. Using the project methodology, specific objectives and activities tailored to each context were outlined, focusing on the child / family and health professionals, taking into account the scientific evidence. Thus, informative posters, guiding documents, training sessions were developed, as well as strategies to facilitate and promote dialogue between nurse-clients, such as making video calls and using the therapeutic toy. This report allows for a reflective and critical analysis of the activities developed and how they contributed to the acquisition of skills as a specialist child and pediatric health nurse, resulting in the humanization of pediatric care.
Date of Award13 Dec 2021
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorElisabete Nunes (Supervisor)


  • Humanization of care
  • Pediatric nursing


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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