Humanização, qualidade e excelência nos cuidados de enfermagem à pessoa em situação crítica

  • Tânia Sofia Correia Pestana (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The actions of nurses involve practicing the profession, making efforts to keep up to date, in order to have the scientific, technical, relational and ethical skills to provide fair care or provide the conditions for such care to be possible.The specialist nurse is a nurse with a thorough knowledge in a specific field of nursing, which demonstrates high levels of clinical judgment and decision making, which translate into a set of specialized competences related to a field of intervention (Ordem dos Enfermeiros, 2010 ). The main objective of this report is to describe and analyze, in a reflexive way, the process of development and acquisition of common and specific competences in the scope of Medical-Surgical Nursing, during the stages of Module I - Emergency Service and Module III - Operative Room, presenting with reference to the activities carried out in the care of the critically ill person and family, the objectives outlined and the Common and Specific Skills Regulation of the Specialist Nursing Specialist in Critical Situation. The central and transverse theme was the Reception. The activities developed and the interventions implemented aim to contribute to the improvement of the quality of care provided to the person and the family. In the internship in the Emergency Service, she mainly developed competences in the field of Specific Skills of Nursing Specialist in Nursing in Critical Situation, in providing care to the person in emergent situation. In the context of the Operative Room stage, the main skills developed fall within the Common Competencies of the Specialist Nurse, within the scope of Continuous Improvement of Quality of Care, with the development of the Return to Home form and its operationalization. It is emerging that nurses begin to transpose research results into clinical practice. So that nursing care ceases to be isolated acts of beneficence and goodwill and is based on sound pillars of consistent scientific knowledge for a practice of humanizing care, quality and excellence.
Date of Award26 Apr 2018
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorIsabel Rabiais (Supervisor)


  • Competencies
  • Nurse specialist
  • Reception
  • Humanization
  • Quality and excellence in care


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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