O impacto das redes sociais nas organizações
: caso Victoria’s Secret fashion show

  • Morgana Cássia Guedes (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Brands in general have been studied by several areas, such as Marketing,Communication and even Sociology, and today they are represented through social networks.Because of the complexity of the new times and impacts in the contemporary society, topresent dissertation chooses as objective Identifies the impacts of the social nets in themarketing and in the image of the mark Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and in the results ofthe company, in view of the diversity related to the feminine body. As secondary objectiveshave the purpose of understanding as the social nets have impacted in the great marks. As theconsumer face to the digital communication of the mark Victoria's Secret, through the socialnets. In the last years, the number of representativeness of the feminine image is increasing inthe digital atmosphere. The feminine revolution and the expansion of the diversity, did withthat the marks of feminine clothes, began to adopt another measured and positionings in thedigital means and in the physical extent. That scenery arouse several question, for whichanswers are looked for, seeking to confirm, to refute or to elaborate hypotheses. Asmethodological procedure adopts the qualitative exploratory research, in dissertativodescriptive character, retrospective with case report Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Using ascollection instrument and analysis of contents of the social nets and digital medias,investigating the pertinent hashtags to the case in study. The result allowed to observe thatcertain conduct and positioning of the marks, they are considered inadequate, essentially, in asociety globalized, where the consumers can be expressed openly on her opinions,satisfactions and critics, wants are good or noxious, echoing in the social nets in landingsworkflow. It is ended that the case in analysis brings in it evidences the possible gaps andharmfulness that a mark can face, resultants of inadequate postures to which can open opportunities for the contestants or new incoming in the market. Was considered that the companies need if they maintain connected to the longings of the society to the new scenariosof diversity representativeness and to avoid the negative marketing to example of the case Victoria's Secret, that, it culminated in the cancellation of the parade, closed stores and loss ofthe popularity. The society started to use the era of the technological revolution to his favor,to observe the social mutation and to live her printing their longings and demanding their rights.
Date of Award20 May 2022
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorClarisse Pessôa (Supervisor)


  • Victoria’s Secret fashion show
  • Lingerie
  • Social networks
  • Brand


  • Mestrado em Comunicação Digital

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