O papel do nutricionista numa empresa portuguesa de retalho

  • Inês Lobato Pereira de Sousa (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This document was written in the format of an internship report and describes the activities carried out by the author, while she joined the Nutrition Team of the Quality and Research Department, at Sonae MC. Sonae MC is a company of the Sonae group, leader in the food retail sector in Portugal. This company works daily to provide its customers with the best products possible. Retail and the food industry play a fundamental role in providing food to citizens and in creating healthy food environments, hence the importance of having nutritionists on these companies' teams, especially when it comes to supporting the development of new products. The company's Nutrition Team operates in three different areas, and the activities carried out during the internship were included in them. In the area of Private Label Products/Fresh/BIO there was active participation in the development and process of reformulation and nutritional optimization of Private Label products, in the Charcuterie and Bio&Health categories, which corresponded to 1738 labels analyzed, and support in the development of a new range of dietary supplements. In the area of Research and innovation projects, the Team triggers research and innovation projects that are relevant to the business and to improve products and services. Throughout the internship there was the opportunity to design and implement a project on food additives and the importance of clean label and on e-commerce applications related to nutrition. In the area of Nutritional Literacy and Communication, the work consisted of developing two infographics, on the themes of veganism and food trends, with the aim of training company employees on topics, and the nutritional calculation of 84 recipes for the magazine that is shared monthly with the companies’ customers. Finally, after finishing the internship, it became clear that the role of a nutritionist in a retail company is essential for its growth and to ensure that the best products reach consumers In terms of nutritional profile. In addition, the objectives proposed at the beginning of the internship were achieved, and that the activities carried out allowed the professional and personal growth of the author.
Date of Award27 Dec 2023
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorMayumi Thaís Fernandes de Delgado (Supervisor) & Ana Maria Gomes (Co-Supervisor)


  • Retail
  • Nutrition
  • Product
  • Nutritional optimization


  • Mestrado em Biotecnologia e Inovação

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