O serviço da paz e do bem comum
: um contributo para a literacia religiosa e diálogo interreligioso a partir da unidade letiva 4 do 7º ano : A Paz Universal

  • Diva Raquel Rodrigues Fernandes (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This final paper, concludes the supervised teaching practice, carried out in the school «Escola Básica dos 2 e 3 Ciclos da Torre», during the Master of Religious Sciences. The Master’s had emphases in the teaching of unit 4. The unit 4 learning focuses on the “Universal Peace”, part of the Moral and Religious Catholic Education program, taught during year 7, while contributing for the peace of the common good as well as promoting primarily that peace is one of the main desires of humanity to achieve the promotion of the good. Simultaneously, this teaching unit has the ambition to develop the idea that all religions will defend the principles, rules and the ethical values that contribute for delivering peace. During the course of history, we have seen the failures of peace, but with this paper we wanted to challenge the students regarding their preconceived ideas about different religions and the obstacles these create to achieve peace. On the other hand, in this paper, we analysed how other institutions that promote the common peace were willing to support and work with the Moral and Religious Catholic Education program.One of the key results of this paper has shown that the learning unit contributed to the literacy of the students when it comes to religious education. Regarding the preconceived ideas that the students had about Islam these have been demystified. The institutions questioned during this paper have shown the availability to collaborate with the school on the different needs of its students but as well the society, this collaboration will be led by the teachers of the school. The learning unit has been crucial for the student’s appreciation of interreligious dialogue. Finally, the students achieved on this learning unit a mark of 4.69 points, on a scale of 1 a 5, where 1 is the least satisfied and 5 is the most satisfied.
Date of Award16 Dec 2022
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Supervisor Alex Villas Boas (Supervisor) & Juan Ambrosio (Co-Supervisor)


  • Peace
  • Common peace
  • Dialogue interreligious
  • Religious literacy
  • Institutions promoters of peace
  • Moral and Religious Catholic Education


  • Mestrado em Ciências Religiosas

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