Oportunidades de parceria no cuidar de crianças com necessidades especiais de saúde
: a perspetiva dos pais

  • João Manuel Nunes de Oliveira Alves (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Introduction: The study was developed under the theme of partnership in care. This is defined as a dynamic process in which parents and nurses work together to address common goals, passing by sharing of knowledge, experience, childcare and power to decide on them. In a perspective of knowing the model in use, studied in populations whose characteristics, reinforce the importance of it, we ask in the contexts of practice to provide nursing care, the partnership in caring for children with special health needs (NES), in parents' perspective. Specifically sought partnership opportunities and the significance of this concept for parents. Objectives: We aim to understand how experienced the partnership of care by parents of children with NES. Methods: The research is qualitative, descriptive and exploratory nature, using as the narrative method. The population corresponded to the parents of children with NES, hospitalized in a medical service from a Central Pediatric Hospital. The population sample consisted of 10 parents of children with NES. Data collection included the sociodemographic characteristics and the interview etnobiográfica orientation. After transcribed, interviews rise 10 stories of parental partnership experiences with the nursing team. Results: It was found that there are two opportunities for partnership in caring for children with NES: Training of parents and Decision Making in partnership. We also found structural elements that support them. In training: involvement / participation of parents, information / communication with parents, having a nurse reference, learn to care for the child, the knowledge of nurses and modes of action of nurses. In decision making in partnership found the elements negotiation of the decision to learn, negotiation of shared care and support parents' decisions. Other results indicate that for parents, establish a partnership relationship with the nurses means having as purpose: to learn to go home, take care of the child and family and sharing in the delivery of care to the child. This partnership working has as pillars attributes: availability of nurses, accept parents as experts, facilitate access to care, availability of multidisciplinary support and relationship of partnership based on respect. Conclusion: Based on these results, we believe the partnership in caring for children with NES in parents' perspective, as a relational and developmental process, dynamic, unique and continuous established between parents and nurses, focused on training opportunities in childcare and making shared decision.
Date of Award28 May 2015
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorZaida Charepe (Supervisor) & José Joaquim Penedos Amendoeira (Co-Supervisor)


  • Children
  • Chronic disease
  • Parents
  • Pediatric nursing


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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