Otimização dos processos digitais na NAE Vegan Shoes
: a comprehensive study

  • André Gonçalo Alves Nunes (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In this investigation into the optimisation of digital processes at NAE Vegan Shoes in the face of the dynamic changes in the digital landscape, the main objectives are to improve operational efficiency, the customer experience and promote functional integration. Adopting a comprehensive methodology, which includes a literature review, a detailed case study and a market study involving focus groups, internal interviews and a consumer survey, the research aims to identify and resolve the weak points in NAE's digital infrastructure. In the midst of a rapidly evolving digital landscape, NAE Vegan Shoes, as a leader in the sustainable footwear sector, has a strategic opportunity to benefit from optimising its digital processes. The study explores key themes such as e-commerce, digital transformation, omni-channel strategies, technological platforms, CRM, ERP and functional integration. The literature review contributes to the understanding of best practices, while the case study analyses NAE in detail. This research encompassed extensive market analysis, incorporating focus groups, internal interviews and consumer surveys. The results highlighted strengths, such as the site's robustness and logistical efficiency, and weaknesses, including navigational challenges and digital stability. Recommendations address improvements in website usability, digital stability, ongoing training and formal internal feedback and communication processes. The dissertation concludes with suggestions for future comparative analyses of the sector and an in-depth investigation of the customer experience. This study aims to contribute to the understanding of the crucial role of digital transformation in sustainable companies, offering valuable insights for improving digital processes at NAE Vegan Shoes.
Date of Award2 May 2024
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorPedro Celeste (Supervisor)


  • Mestrado em Gestão Aplicada

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