Perceções de alunos no ensino básico sobre a escola
: conhecer para melhorar a qualidade da ação educativa

  • Isolina Jorge (Student)

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The purpose of this study is to give voice to the perceptions those in the basic education level have about School, whilst providing room for a reflection about the way the relations towards social learnings, curriculum, pedagogic relations and evaluation can assist the student’s development in its learning career. Focusing this study in what students believe and feel about school, about the learning process, we aim do give the schools “outside look” another perspective, starting with “believe from inside”, obtaining some “insight” from those who truly live all the gears, construction and dynamics the institutions have in place so they can provide a way of life and chart a course for the future of the children. This research aimed to: 1) Understand what the school ultimately signifies to those who learn in it, live in it, within the scope of cultural diversity; 2) Identify real problems straight from the children; 3) Recognize how the children's perceptions about school compromise their ultimate enjoyment; 4) Acknowledge student’s propositions regarding activities they recognize to be important towards their learning-process; This analysis faces a phenomenological-interpretive paradigm, being applied to instruments of qualitative nature (narratives) and quantitative (questionnaire), the latter applied content analysis for data treatment. Considering that qualitative investigations privilege problem comprehension starting from the perspective of the subjects in question, it's intended to enter the student’s personal world. The study bases itself from exploration, description and interpretation that strives to represent the vision and the experiences that the students live, so ultimately unheard-of, when accounting the instruments used for a global evaluation towards the school. For the students that participated in this study, the school is but a stage for major events, where they can be both the authors and the actors of their own roles. What was obtained and analysed in this study allows us to conclude that students present a positive tendency towards their interpersonal relations with pairs and with most of the teachers, consubstantiation the school as a place of socialization, where established bonds remain “for life”. Concomitantly, they equally share a very optimistic opinion about school in which they designate it as a space that awakens well-being, comfort and joy. They evidenced the ability to decide what is best for the school. They equally showed a wish for their voice and opinions to be heard like in the way it was heard for this work. To listen to their voice is to acquire a lifelong lesson, it’s to propose a space in which the school behaves like a citizenship, compromised to create new citizens, owners of their own free will and free speech, participative and interventive, that contributes towards a more Democratic Society.
Date of Award21 Jun 2021
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorIlídia Cabral (Supervisor)


  • Grammar
  • Pedagogic relationships
  • Student’s perspective
  • School meanings
  • Students voice
  • School organisations


  • Doutoramento em Ciências da Educação

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