Perceções face à relação profissional de saúde-utente
: empatia na prática clínica, papel da tecnologia e satisfação do utente

  • Inês Belo dos Santos Serra (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The health professional-user relationship has aroused growing interest in academic circles and among professionals. However, it still needs to be studied and better defined, taking into account the evolution of health services, including in technological terms. The main aim of this study was to explore the perceptions of healthcare professionals and users regarding the aspects that favor the establishment of an empathic relationship between them, which can contribute to increasing user satisfaction with the services provided by healthcare establishments. In addition, we sought to understand the perception of health professionals and users about the usefulness of technologies as aids to the health professional-user relationship. A cross-sectional, qualitative study design was used. Twenty-two people took part, 11 users and 11 health professionals, from the private and public systems, using snowball and convenience sampling methods. The main themes identified in the thematic
analysis of the interviews were: Health professional-user relationship, Difficulties and Technology. Ethical principles, Communication, Trust, Availability, Empathy and Teamwork/Multidisciplinary support were some of the most important aspects of the relationship for the participants. Difficulties of various kinds were mentioned (e.g. Wear and tear on health professionals), mostly focusing on the lack of valued aspects in the health professional-user relationship. With regard to Technology, the participants recognize its benefits for healthcare, but they are concerned about the potential harm that the application of technology can have on the health professional-user relationship. The data obtained may constitute an important starting point for interventions focused on improving the quality of
healthcare in Portugal, as well as promoting user satisfaction, by stimulating reflection on how portuguese users and professionals evaluate their experiences of the usefulness of technology as an aid to the health professional-user relationship.
Date of Award9 Jan 2024
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorRita Francisco (Supervisor) & Bárbara Nazaré (Co-Supervisor)


  • Health
  • Health professional-user relationship
  • Tecnology
  • Qualitative analysis


  • Mestrado em Psicologia do Bem-Estar e Promoção da Saúde

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