Projeto de reabilitação da casa da Quinta Nova para Agroturismo
: reutilização das arquitecturas de produção

  • Matilde Cruz Ferreira da Mata (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This dissertation consists of a project of rehabilitation of the House of Quinta Nova, a non-classified 18th century construction, with some architectural features that make it particularly interesting and valuable. It Is situated in the area of Pindo, within Penalva do Casteio. The estate in which the House is located is primarily agricultural, with close to 4 hectares, including the building itself and surrounding grounds, divided into windrows. Throughout the decades, the building has suffered alterations to respond to the family’s changing needs, and currently it includes a cellar, a chapel, and four wings, forming a central courtyard. The building’s expansion was phased and developed in close articulation with the rural activities on the estate. For a period, it was home to a group of priests, who lived in a semi-autonomous area which included the chapel; it was here that the religious rites of the community were celebrated. The aim of this project was to intervene in a coherent and integrated way, covering both the conservation of the House of Quinta Nova and the estate as a whole, linking the rehabilitation actions to tourism, and recovering some of the estate’s activities, as a strategy of preservation and income-generation for the Quinta. Therefore, the aim of this project is to propose an articulated rehabilitation of the House and surrounding grounds, through the transformation of the building in order to adapt it to Agrotourism, and the requalification of the external spaces. It is through the modality of Tourism in Rural Spaces, as a mode of economic development, that we seek to find a solution for the rehabilitation of this agricultural property.
Date of Award2014
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorAna Pinho (Supervisor) & Vítor Manuel Mestre de Oliveira (Co-Supervisor)


  • Rehabilitation
  • Poduction architecture
  • Agrotourism


  • Mestrado em Arquitetura

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