Promoção das competências parentais no auto cuidado terapêutico à criança

  • Erica Pereira Bastos Ramos do Carmo (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This report exposes the whole course done over the internship under the Master of Nursing, in area of specialization in Pediatrics and Child Health. The conceptual basis of the same reports is based on the Model of Self Care by Dorothea E.Orem. The choice of the theme "Promoting parenting skills in self care treatment to the child" emerged due to a subsequent finding of the practice of health education that should embrace a nursing theoretical basis/model, which would be an asset in their organization and structure, having a theoretical basis and scientific attitude favoring a coherent front to the promotion of parental development and benefiting the systematization of nursing care. The parents are according to the theory of Self Care Deficit (TDACE), dependent care agents, as they have to address the therapeutic need for self care (AC) of other relevant (the child) who is socially dependent on them. The nurse specialist in child health and pediatrics (EESIP) has skills to assist and care for this child and family at all levels of development, whether in health or disease. Thus, it is considered that "(...) the natural dependence of children, their empowerment and progressive binomial child / family as the focus of nursing care specialist pediatrics and child health, establishes a partnership with both care promotes the optimal health in the sense of the adequacy of management arrangements and parenthood "(SIECE 2009, p.21). Furthermore the interculturality of different populations has been respected and is also a granted ethnocentrism, tailoring care to each culture. The overall objective of this report is to inform which course I have taken and show results of the work of learning through a critical analysis of the activities and resources I used in providing comprehensive care to children/families during the internship. I was able to acquire skills to help the working child/youth and family to cancer disease through the knowledge of a supporting institution that supports these children and can reference it later. In different modules I collaborated and provided care for children/families, identified their needs in their life cycle of development, which also includes inpatient pediatrics, neonatology and pediatric emergency, promoting the development of parenting skills and improving the therapeutic to the same AC, maximizing their health and providing care in situations of greater complexity. I could still develop clinical praxis specializing in sound and valid standards of knowledge, acting as a trainer, diagnosing needs, but also favored the learning and skills of nurses and child/family. At the end of this course I can refer that the originally planned goals, along with adaptations of different contexts, were fully achieved.
Date of AwardDec 2011
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorJudite Vaz (Supervisor)


  • Parenting
  • Health promotion


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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