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  • Sandra Maria Fernandes Costa (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This report represents the final product of the route developed over the Master's Degree in Nursing with specialization in Medical Surgical Nursing. It stands as a reflective critical analysis based on experiences during the traineeship modules (in Emergency Department, in the Intensive Care Unit and Pre-hospital Care), according to the Common Areas of the Nurse Specialist Skills: Professional Accountability, Ethical and Legal; Field of Continuous Quality Improvement and Development of Learning. This choice is related to the content of the experiences that made possible the development of skills within these areas. The professional, ethical and legal accountability is assumed as an essential component to professional practice. Registered Nurses should be governed by principles in line with the assumed commitment with the society in providing nursing care, according with the ethics and ethically representative of the Law, striving for excellence in their practice. Registered Nurses should support their professional activity on the engagement assumed of protecting the rights of person their care. The critical-reflexive analysis of the experiences of the traineeship, demonstrate the features, in line with these dimensions, and the exercise related with the accountable decision making. Concerning the Continuous Quality Improvement, the registered nurse has a key role, since that supports his activities with engagement on the continued seeking for the benefit of the person or community. This performance translates into a conscious and structured in continuous search for quality and improving safety of care target group, aiming for the practice excellence. The quality of health is presented as multi task, making clear the importance of nurses see set the Quality Standards. It is also clear that the quality of health does not depend exclusively on the professional practice of regitered nurses, however it should not be disregarded, because, the professional practice contributes to the effort to obtain quality health care. The analyzed situations under this domain seem reflect advances in the quality of investment in health, by persons providing health care, focused on the person, especially with regard to the principles of accessibility and equity, as well as great professional level. The Development of Professional Learning from the Nursing perspective, depends on the ability of the Registered Nurse self-knowledge. This professional develops knowledge based on theory and practical experience. Thus there is a clear need to develop specific skills to act in specific contexts. The different modules of the traineeship proved to be important sources of situations, promoting the development of specific skills in providing care to the person in critical condition, ie, promoters of experiences and learning moments that influence my identity in professional acting. On the reflective approach to these experiences, highlights the comparative analysis with my professional experience, which is due to the fact that the professional development process is mainly individual. As resume, these experiences reveal to be learning moments and therefore skills development. Moreover, this learning process incorporates my professional practice, which leads me to establish points of connection with the area of specialty and specificity of different contexts inherent in this practice. With this learning process, the specialization course, i’m able to understand the lack of production of scientific knowledge in my professional reality which represents the need to continue the training process.
Date of Award27 Jul 2015
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorIrene Oliveira (Supervisor)


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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