Relatório de estágio
: do saber ao saber fazer e saber ser

  • Liliana Gomes de Abreu (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This report, conducted under the master’s Course in Nursing with Specialty on Medical Surgical Nursing, to obtain the master’s degree, is based on researched literature as well as critical reflections on the experiences lived over the two fields of specialty training, which consisted in the Emergency Department in Braga Hospital and the various means of action of Pre Hospital Care of North INEM delegation. The aim during this report is to demonstrate the various skills acquired and developed over the two fields of the internship. This is structured according to Domains of Competence, in which, in each chapter there will be a report of lived experiences, as well as, the countless critical reflections that emerged, the strategies and interventions adopted during the internship, where based on scientific knowledge and the ethical and professional responsibilities. A descriptive, reflective and critical methodology was adopted, to describe the activities and interventions performed along the internship, among which the most relevant, were chosen to be exposed throughout this report, to elucidate the development and acquisition of the competencies inherent to the Nurse Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing, recommended by the Ordem dos Enfermeiros, in five Domains of Competence: Professional Responsibility, Ethics and Legal; Continuous Improvement of Quality; Care Management, Professional Learning Development, Specialized Care Delivery in Medical-Surgical Nursing. This report is divided into three main parts, which include the introduction, development and finally the conclusion. In the Introduction is the framework of the course, with reference made to the modules, justification and a brief characterization of the internships locations as well as the objectives of the report and its structure. The Development, is structured according to Fields of Competence, in each chapter will be held, the approach of some experiences, as well as, many critical reflections that emerged, supporting the strategies and interventions made during the internship based on scientific knowledge and the ethical and professional responsibilities, demonstrating this way the development and acquisition of diverse skills. The Conclusion consists in the analysis of the main aspects addressed, final considerations about the learning process, as well as the main contributions in every field of internship. The specialty on Medical Surgical Nursing, allowed the development and acquisition of various competencies, they resulted from the application of knowledge to problem situations, identified in the context of care giving, mediated by a reflexive practice, always in articulation and sharing with tutors and colleagues, in the context of the clinical setting. Allied to this, was added, a constant search for knowledge and a proactive approach, which enabled to enrich and fulfill the objectives proposed in the path towards becoming a Nurse Specialist in Medical Surgical Nursing.
Date of Award11 Jun 2014
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorMaria Rocha (Supervisor)


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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