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  • Pedro Miguel Henriques Batista (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This report has the goal to present and describe part of an academic stage, included as a master degree in nursing, inserted in a larger professional stage in a nursing career. With the main interest of develop, acquire and recognize skills, compatible with the ones determined in a nursing specialization in the medical-surgical area, it was created a project in two major practical care fields: emergency room and palliative care, carried through, respectively, in the Emergency Room at Hospital de S. Francisco Xavier, and in the Palliative Care Unit at Casa de Saúde da Idanha. Because there is a natural feedback between practical experiences, I also do a reference about the contributions of my professional experience at Intensive Care Units, where I’d worked. My experience was a reference for achieving the goals in clinical practice, as those activities had been important for my professional development. In order to organize and establish a base for my project, it was adopted four major themes. They were subjects of interest, and considered pertinent in nursing, namely: pain; nursing and it participation in health services; communication and decision making. Being transversal and a current concern for nursing, with important implications in the way that people are taken care, those themes were worked with extra. Because this is a joint work between a hospital facilities and University, each one of these subjects were written and presented earlier in a project, validates with each coordinator of the services, and transformed into activities developed throughout the clinical practice weeks. With a proactive attitude, recognizing problems and solving them, it was obtaining results that emerged from: consequence of the health care provided; the interaction with colleagues and other professional classes and collaborators; and above all, with the contact established with patients and their families. These interactions allowed me to develop a solid, coherent and respectful work that had been planned and established in the objectives designed by me, the University and the clinical internship fields. In this time some of the work was technical and professional orientation guides, introducing digital type guidelines, theoretical research aiming for practical experience and care exposure, elaboration of assessment tools that aloud identification of pain to all the population that uses the emergency room. All those experiences had valorized me professionally, and allowed reaching another stage in my nursing care professional road.
Date of AwardFeb 2011
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorGeorgeana Marques da Gama (Supervisor)


  • Skills
  • Medical-surgical specialty
  • Clinical education
  • Nursing


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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