Saber transformar
: o meu percurso de competências especializadas

  • Ana Paula da Costa Alves (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The writing of this report was guided by “Saber Transformar” (Dias, José; 2004), as an individual process for competences development, by Patricia BENNER´s premise (2001) that tells us that our competences are developed during our professional career, by the advanced nursing concept (SILVA, Abel Paiva; 2007), focused in interpersonal relations, and by the Theories of Nursing in the direction of intellectual-professional development (AMENDOEIRA, 1999), influenced by RUIVO (2010); CASTRO, RICARDO (2002); BARBIER (1996); LEITE, MALPIQUE e SANTOS (1991) methodology of work project. With this report I intended to make an reflection of the competences acquisition in the scope of the intervention of the Specialist Nurse in a Specialization in Medical-Chirurgical Nursing, of excellency, in caring with the person medium/high risk and family, in order to improve their health and their quality of life. The experience gained, as a student, in achieving The Curricular Unit - “Specialization in Medical-Chirurgical Nursing - training”: “Unidade de Cuidados Continuados de Doentes Ventilados Crónicos” of the Hospital Curry Cabral (Module III) and in the “Atendimento Médico Permanente of the Hospital da Luz” (Module I), is reflected in this paper. My training and studies were developed and focused on the curricular unit "Specialization in Medical-Chirurgical Nursing”, providing health care services, training and harmonising procedures. It was possible to analyse that there is a visible connection between the two different internships – enteral nutrition - as distinct area of nursing, involving medium/high risk persons and their families. The intervention was conducted by applying, in field, protocols who were created based on the results given by the experience as a team leader, who was centered in the specialized health cares and also in the ability to work in multitask and interdisciplinary teams. Due to this training as a specialist nurse, regarding the results of caring with medium/high risk persons, and also with their families, I consider this training as a great experience with a great value, in terms of developing competences in the way of giving autonomy and socio-professional visibility of Nursing
Date of AwardDec 2011
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorFilipa Veludo (Supervisor)


  • Specialist Nurse
  • Know transform
  • Enteral nutrition


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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