Satisfação e fidelização do cliente
: Hotéis do Bom Jesus

  • Diogo Miguel Rodrigues de Almeida (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This report aims to describe the work experience obtained through the curricular internship held in thegroup Hotéis do Bom Jesus, as well as to explore the theme of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, andits importance for the hotel’s sector.In accordance with the expansion of the hotel sector in Portugal, through the enormous hotel’s offer,caused by the growing demand of tourism in the country in recent years, arises the challenge for thehotels to capture the attention and choice of customers for the consumption of their services, as wellas discovering their competitive advantages and differentiation factors in relation to the competition.Thus, as a basis, it is intended to explore the strategies and tools for assessing guest satisfaction in thissector and existing customer loyalty programs which aim not only to promote customer permanenceand improvement in the service provided, but also to meet the needs and challenges arising in anincreasingly globalized world.In this new reality, hotels are faced with the need to collect more information about their guests andpotential customers, as well as their opinion of the service provided in order to contribute to their laborand financial success. Therefore, it becomes essential for the hotel units to adopt strategies that areaimed at enhancing the value of the client, providing the best experience of stay, also bearing in mindadvantages for the hotel. Thus, hotels shouldn’t only have strategies aimed at the client, but also astorage and processing of their data permanently.In order to support the implementation of customer satisfaction assessment strategies as well ascustomer loyalty, I intended to study globally the satisfaction models and loyalty programs with the purpose of developing a set of efficient actions that improve the customer’s experience at the hoteland acquire greater customer satisfaction. Throughout this report, marketing concepts will also be addressed, as a communication and customerrelationship tool, as well as tourism, in order to perceive and diagnose the external and internal environment in which the group under study is located. With the elaboration of this study I wish tocontribute with a set of proposals and strategies, which aim at the improvement of the service andcustomer loyalty, as well as increase the notoriety and positioning of the hotel group.
Date of Award3 Mar 2021
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorAna Maria Pinto Lima Salazar (Supervisor)


  • Satisfaction
  • Loyalty
  • Relationship
  • Tourism
  • Hotel
  • Marketing
  • Digital
  • Guest


  • Mestrado em Turismo

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