The role of portuguese entertainment podcasts in digital marketing

  • Mary Carla Acosta das Neves (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This internship report results from a curricular internship at Comon, a digital marketing agency. During the internship, the main tasks involved creating social strategies for several brands. There was a lot of interest from the company to associate themselves to podcasts but soon enough it was clear that there was a gap between brands and creatives. This was found in conversations with social media managers, strategists and designers. Correlating the role of entertainment portuguese podcasts in digital marketing, the study set out to examine the current state of portuguese entertainment podcasts in Portugal. Furthermore, the objective was to understand what initiatives brands and creatives can adopt to better this relationship and achieve new results. It was an explorative study, set out to examine the subject based on a qualitative approach of exploratory and semi structured interviews as well as content analysis. The content analysis was done, to understand the current state of portuguese entertainment podcasts in terms of popularity using certain metrics. It was conducted based on the top 10 most popular entertainment and general podcasts in Portugal according to Podtail. Measuring this could be used as an indicator for the overall landscape. Furthermore, the exploratory interviews were conducted with different players in the industry: social media managers, strategists, podcasters, a podcast production company and the Head of Marketing of a podcast monetization company Voxnest, with the goal of getting in-depth information about the subject to better analyze it. The internship report hoped to find a lack of investment in entertainment portuguese podcasts in digital marketing. Supporting the initial observations pre and after internship at a digital marketing agency. The findings hope to support that there is in fact potential in investing in portuguese entertainment podcasts, and further research needs to be done to analyze the issues within the landscape if possible with more data.
Date of Award6 Apr 2022
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorCarla Ganito (Supervisor)


  • Podcasting
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing


  • Mestrado em Ciências da Comunicação

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