Tratamento da agenesia do incisivo lateral superior
: revisão sistemática

  • Miguel Diogo Marques (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Introduction: Tooth agenesis is the most recognized developmental dental anomaly in humans and can be challenging clinically. In the case of maxillary lateral incisor, the frequency is 1-2% bilateral, affecting both males and females, all studies show higher prevalence in females. The etiology of tooth agenesis can be related to local, systemic and genetic factors. Possible orthodontic solutions include extraction of the lateral incisor, symmetrical space closure with bilateral canine replacement, unilateral space closure in combination with prosthetic restoration for dental asymmetry, or space opening for a prosthetic replacement of the missing lateral incisor with subsequent equal widening of both lateral incisors. Materials and Methods: This systematic review will be performed using the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) methodology. An electronic search was performed in order to answer the research question in the PubMed/MEDLINE® and Web of Science" databases.
Quality assessment of the included studies was performed independently by two
researchers. Through the completion of the Newcastle - Ottawa Quality
Assessment Scale questionnaire. Results: A total of 101 articles were identified as a result of the database search. Then, 27 were selected by inclusion/exclusion criteria (title). Of these, 9 were excluded for not meeting the inclusion/exclusion criteria (abstract reading). Thus, 18 articles were transferred to the next phase for full reading. After this reading, 7 articles were excluded, so 11 articles were included in this systematic review. Conclusion: We conclude that there is a need for more scientific evidence based on randomized clinical trials that link evidence-based protocols so that orthodontists can select the best treatment. Both types of treatment have advantages and disadvantages, limitations and indications that should be known.
Date of Award19 Jul 2022
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorSusana Silva (Supervisor) & Ana Paula Rodrigues Rocha Amorim Martins Peres (Co-Supervisor)


  • Tooth agenesis
  • Upper lateral incisor
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Space closure
  • Space opening


  • Mestrado em Medicina Dentária

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