Um percurso rumo à qualidade de cuidados

  • Hélder Miguel Lima Ribeiro (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This report comes from an evolutionary route initiated last year, which aims to stand out outlined goals and developed activities in the three clinical practice locations, under the Masters in Nursing in the Medical-Surgical Speciality. It has intended also to show ability to critically analyze the situations-problem, and the strategies taken to promote improvement and quality of the care provided to the users. The methodology and structure of this report, uses as ground the description and critical analysis of the goals and activities developed in the modules of the clinical practice. In the clinical practice performed in the Emergency Service in the Hospital Pedro Hispano, which was held in the period from 28.04.2014 to 06.28.2014, several goals were set. Training needs were identified and it was promoted the professional development of the nursing team. Knowledge in distinct areas was deepened, such as prevention and control of infection connected to MRSA, and the informed consent in the context of this service. Nursing plans were also developed, facilitating the transition problems lived by the user and its family. In the period from 10/11/2014 to 01/17/2015, was held the clinical practice in the Intensive Care Unit of Centro Hospitalar do Porto. It was developed a document to improve procedures of manipulation of oral solid drugs administered by gastric tube, in order to prevent interactions between drugs and nutrients. It was considered relevant to deepen knowledge in several areas such as, prevention and infection control, organ transplantation and delirium. In this last one, it was suggested a strategy to improve the acceptance of the professionals. In the case of the clinical practice performed in the Infection Control Commission of Centro Hospitalar do Porto which was held in the period from 09.15.2014 to 11.08.2014, the goals and developed activities were focused in the various proceedings and activities that imply the management of the prevention and control of infection. It was developed a protocol of orientation to the prevention and control of MRSA infection, in the hospitalized patients with diabetic foot ulcers. In the other hand, the participation in the epidemiological monitoring processes and procedures related to the prevention and action towards outbreak cases. Knowledge was deepened in several areas, such as various programs of epidemiological monitoring, procedures of prevention and control of infection regarding Ebola Virus and audit proceeding in hand washing. The goals that were set in each clinical practice module were reached, and the activities carried out to its achievement were adequate. The clinical practice was an opportunity to the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. The analysis of the reality found in these places, and the detection of possible situations for improvement, promoted the mobilization of theoretical knowledge and the ability of critical thinking. In the final stage of this report, suggestions are left to improve the training and to give continuity to projects that were developed in the training places.
Date of Award2015
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorIrene Oliveira (Supervisor)


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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