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    The KitchenLab is a true atelier of food possibilities. It is an experimental kitchen lab with all that is necessary for the design, handling and preparation of food, framed in a research center equipped with the most advanced scientific resources in the areas of chemistry, biology, physical and sensory analysis, dedicated to food science and technology and human nutrition. With professional equipment and finishes, the KitchenLab is perfectly sized and designed to frame teaching, experimentation, research, development and innovation related to food and nutrition.

    The KitchenLab consists of a large laboratory space that contains most of the equipment found in commercial kitchens, allowing performing all operations associated with the preparation of raw materials, product formulation, dining confection, packaging and conservation, including refrigeration, freezing, smoking, dehydration, candying, fermentation, etc. It is also equipped with instruments for measuring parameters such as temperature, pH, color, concentration, etc. and also includes a taste and discussion room. This space is designed to comfortably accommodate theoretical/expository sessions and practical/experimental sessions
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