A interação entre agentes no mercado financeiro

Detalhes do projeto


This project explores the interaction between financial market?s agents along different dimensions. First, we study banks vs. firms relations in understanding the effects of branches closures on loan conditions offered to firms and the likelihood of banks engaging on evergreening strategies. Second, we explore the reputational importance of financial advisors on acquirers? returns. Third, we examine the relation between firms and governments by studying the firm value effects of being co-located with the government. Fourth, we analyze the presence of relative performance evaluation in firms? compensation contracts and its relation to systemic risk. Fifth, we analyze
potential home buyers? biases such as the mortgage illusion and their influence on the
comparison between monthly rental payment and the monthly mortgage installment.
Sixth, we examine the relation between hedge fund failure and risk by understanding the
shift on this relation due to the 2007-2009 global financial crisis.
Data de início/fim efetiva1/09/1831/08/22

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