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The effects of Covid-19 still to have implications in our daily-lives. The lockdowns required rapid changes and adaptation in almost every sector. The Education and Training sector was no exception. These changes allowed to Education and Training System to continue to play its role, however with several gaps and wide difficulties. The implementation of distance-learning using digital media revealed a lack of preparation of the environment, education agents, students and families. That said, and learning from the past, it is necessary to innovate, ensuring that all children and young people have effective opportunities to learn wherever they are, by adapting the school to the challenges of each child and young person, with special focus on Special Educational Needs (SEN). The social problem is the social exclusion of children and young people with SEN, which arises due to the existence of education and training systems that are not suited to the digital age and to the particularities of the target-group (this scenario was aggravated by Covid-19). Due to the lockdowns, this group was strongly affected in regards to their educational support, structure, routines and behaviours. These areas were mostly covered by parents and tutors (Inequality &Poverty, 2020). Furthermore, supplementary support and extra-curricular activities (that promote well-being, social engagement and routine) were also withdrawn in most countries.DIGIT(ALL) projects aims to:
- To promote social inclusion and to improve the life prospects of children and young people with SEN, through the development of learning and key-competence and the promotion of inclusive, equal and participatory opportunities;
- To develop an action methodology, facilitated by technologies and based on the synergies between Formal Education, Non-Formal Education and Informal Education, allowing education agents to work withchildren and young people through digital media and to promote their development;
- To empower the education agents so that they are able to innovate, improve and complement their intervention and adjust it to the needs of children and young people, the digital age and the current world context.
Data de início/fim efetiva1/02/221/04/24


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