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The 21st century has been marked by increasing attention and care for humankind's living conditions, respect for all human beings, equal rights and duties, combating poverty, access to health and education, respect for minorities, social, ethical and moral responsibility, the fight against global warming, the sustainability of the lifestyle of the most developed countries and the new challenges that emerging economies pose to a globalized world. This work A Sociedade do Cuidado: cuidar de si, dos outros e do mundo no século XXI focuses on this complex theme, presenting a multifaceted reflection on care - care for others, for the world and for oneself. It is a type of reflection, whose relevance was reinforced by the Covid-19 pandemic, as we see the social, global and interconnected nature of humanity accentuated, which we understand, and we intend to in fact be, structuring for the future of global human society.
Following this work, CEPCEP intends to start a research project on the same topic.

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