Collaboratively DEveloped culturallY Appropriate and inclusive Assessment tool for Palliative Care EDUcation

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CODE-YAA@PC-EDU will set quality indicators to establish a gold standard for high-quality education and training in palliative care. CODE-YAA@PC-EDU aims to measure, explore, and promote access to palliative care education and training in the WHO Euro-region, focusing mainly on primary health care, which is considered the most sustainable and cost-effective model for palliative care delivery. The scientific progress of CODE-YAA@PC-EDU is expected to provide a new tool to inform leadership priorities and evidence-based decision-making related to palliative care education and training. CODE-YAA@PC-EDU will provide networking opportunities for researchers and innovators to strengthen Europe’s capacity to the scientific, technological and societal challenge of ensuring access to palliative care education and training. CODE-YAA@PC-EDU is composed of three Pan-European; interdisciplinary; geographical, age and gender balanced; open and inclusive; and excellence-driven working groups. In line with the COST principles, specific working groups will be created to increase the quality, awareness, visibility and impact of this action. Leadership roles in these groups will be distributed among their members.
Data de início/fim efetiva1/01/2431/12/26

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