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Today, despite the acknowledgement of how dangerous monocultures can be, given that they are not racially or gender diverse and their practices can be harmful for the environment, European art institutions and universities mimic monocultures in what they perform. Existing literature and policies on the environmental impact caused by creative industries focus on the (ab)use of material resources and CO2 emissions (from producing and shipping artworks to mobility programmes), but the lack of aesthetic epistemologies in monocultural practices in art institutions and universities has not been discussed. How does the marginalisation of diverse knowledge and aesthetic epistemologies (produced by people of diverse genders and races) impact what we know about or how we engage with our environment? This research grant will be used to develop a collaborative project for the design of a radical vision of the intersections between race, gender, and the environment via the collaboration and knowledge exchange with art institutions that are either transitioning their practices or finding alternative methods and ethos to build new institutions.
AcrónimoFrame Finland
Data de início/fim efetiva1/10/2330/11/23

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