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This study seeks to give voice to the way in which members of the educational community and many other organisations mobilised to support children and young people during periods of confinement due to the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, transforming daily uncertainty into a struggle for and through integral and integrative education.

The universe under study is the Gulbenkian Knowledge Academies. This project of the Gulbenkian Foundation predates the pandemic and focuses on supporting the development of competences of Agency, Commitment and Collaboration; competences that are arguably fundamental to resist and grow in a pandemic environment. Consequently, we hope to find in this universe a fertile ground of stories that allows not only to make a historical record of what happened, but also to find clues for proposals for action in the field of education. Thus, we have as objectives: (a) identify stories of human nature among the subjects of the universe of the Gulbenkian Knowledge Academies that contributed to the maintenance of the educational process, both at the level of teaching/learning practices focused on cognitive development, and at the level of the development of transversal skills and the well-being of all those involved; understand which mechanisms were used and the different degrees of involvement of the actors; record the initiatives, highlighting the involvement of students (Agency), solidarity and interdependence (Collaboration), constancy and effort (Commitment) and attention to integral education.
Data de início/fim efetiva1/09/2131/10/22

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