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CBQF aims to foster conditions to maintain and continuously enhance a strong capacity to carry out research and development activities of excellence and knowledge transfer in 3 sectors (environment, food, biomedical), enabling economic benefits and competitiveness. This is supported by a strong link with the industrial sector. As such, CBQF seeks to translate scientific and technological outputs into economic, social and environmental benefits. The Centre’s research-related dissemination and outreach initiatives are promoted to raise awareness among the relevant stakeholders to CBQF’s outputs and impacts for citizens.

To support these goals, a set of structured activities are needed, to increase the rate of success in European/international project applications, in further boosting the effective knowledge transfer to the CBQF target sectors and to enhance the capacity of CBQF to communicate its outputs to the scientific and wider community.

These activities, mainly focused at international level, will imply a professional management in the support of scientific activities. The Science Manager will promote best practices and activities at the levels of pre-award, knowledge transfer and science communication to raise excellence at CBQF. These activities will include: i) engaging with the researchers to map competences of the research groups and individual researchers; ii) continuously monitor funding opportunities; iii) overall support the application to European/international funded projects (as well as specific national projects); specialized support in consortium building, grant preparation and grant writing in European funded projects; iv) support institutional applications for funding (such as UID and LA); v) overall collection and mapping of outputs of the Centre, for management and communication/marketing purposes; vi) support the preparation of dissemination actions and materials for general and specialized targets; vii) promote collaborations and support meetings with new partners and the industry; viii) support and oversee the promotion of knowledge transfer activities; ix) support the preparation of institutional reports; x) promote the career development of CBQF researchers and provide or organize training via workshops, seminars, with focus on young researchers; xi) support the CBQF Board of Directors in decision making and in general management activities.

2030 Agenda:
This position aims to provide a wide and multi-faceted support to the Centre’s activities, and therefore will have an impact in most UN SDGs. By supporting and promoting research and knowledge transfer activities, the activities are in alignment and support of SDGs 2, 3, 6, 13, 16. By promoting the training of CBQF’s and external researchers, SDG 4 is supported. Through the overall activities of science management in a research centre such as CBQF, the position is in alignment with SDG 17.
AcrónimoCEECINST18-J. Cortez
Data de início/fim efetiva15/05/1914/05/25

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