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The focus of the ISA project will be the intellectual and social accessibility where there is still a long way to go through, we intend to debate and create mass critic to contribute to take down the barriers, move closer, form and include.
The culture should be an aggregating element with great potential to promote inclusion.
Urges, this way, the necessity of definition of practices that promote active inclusion of people intellectually and/or socially excluded from access to/in culture, for which we intend to contribute to through this project.
For the inclusion to be in full, in this matter, we intend to explore two levels of envolvement:
>The employability in culture of intellectually and/or socially excluded groups; >The access and participation of these publics in culture as spectators.

a) Determine the factors of exclusion in the access to culture;
b) Reflect on the different models of inclusion of people in situation of vulnerability and exclusion in culture and through culture;
c) Understand what is the role of culture in the restructure of identity and in Independence and this can become an engine of participation, inclusion and employability of groups socially and intellectually disadvantaged;
d) Identify good practices in the context of intellectual and social accessibility.
Data de início/fim efetiva1/04/231/12/24

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