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Higher education is currently facing a number of complex challenges. While the so-called traditional scientific areas have their tradition and consolidated knowledge, the political and research agendas are increasingly pointing towards interdisciplinary training and dialogues. This is even better understood when innovative methodologies are used, such as service-learning, which calls precisely on the dialogue of knowledge to deal with and help minimize or solve complex social problems. With this project, we intend to assess the reasons for or difficulties in developing interdisciplinary projects using service-learning. Using mixed methodologies and involving teachers from four countries, we intend to describe the experience with interdisciplinary SL; explore explanatory reasons for the (in)success of interdisciplinary SL experiences; analyze the role of personal, institutional, contextual or political factors in the development of interdisciplinary SL projects; reflect on the implications for institutionalization and incentive systems for implementing interdisciplinary SL projects; and contribute to this debate based on Catholic Higher Education values and mission.
Data de início/fim efetiva28/11/2331/12/24


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