Quafety. Comprehensive approach to enhance quality and safety of ready to eat fresh products

Detalhes do projeto


This proposal aims to improve safety and quality of RTE fresh produce throughout the whole chain by developing new predictive and probabilistic models and decision-making tools, by exploring rapid and non-destructive methods for quality evaluation and prediction, and by experimenting novel technologies, in order to quantify and manage spoilage and pathogen microorganisms, minimize risks to consumers, and preserve quality. Objectives of the proposal will be reached through the realization of 9 WPs. WP1 will develop diagnostic kits to predict quality and safety of raw material and final product. WP2 will develop process control aids based on non-destructive and rapid evaluation. WP3 will develop decision support tools in very critical points of processing chain. WP4 will investigate innovative processes to improve quality and safety of fresh-cut products. Technological innovations will go through implementation and demonstration in WP5 and through an economic evaluation approach in WP6. Results will represent valuable information in order to re-visit and improve good practice procedures or, to define a more efficient management system for quality and safety (in WP7). Finally results will be disseminated to potential users in WP8, while WP9 will consist of the management of the consortium. The participants are 14, of 7 Countries including 6 SMEs, 2 public research Institutes and 6 Universities, assorted in terms of scientific and technological expertise. The presence of SME will ensure the exploitation of the results directly and indirectly. Potential impacts of the results of this project may be related to the increase of scientific evidences about safety and quality, expansion of consumer awareness, increase of the innovation capacity of the industry strengthening its competitiveness, provision of scientific evidences to the EC and other health authorities (also for campaigns for healthy nutrition), and a reference point to mass media.

Data de início/fim efetiva1/01/1231/03/15


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