The Integrated Model of Family Foster Care (MIAF®) to promote high-quality child welfare practices in Portugal

  • Baptista, Joana (PI)
  • Gaspar, Ana (Carreira no setor privado)
  • Grangeia, Helena (Investigador)
  • Soares, Isabel (PI)
  • Pastor, Isabel (Investigador)
  • Negrão, Mariana (Investigador)
  • Bettencourt Rodrigues, Maria Leonor (Investigador)
  • Alves, Stephanie (Investigador)

Detalhes do projeto


contrary to other western European countries, Family Foster Care continues unresourced and poorly used in Portugal. A shift towards family-based care is urgently needed and requires combined efforts of policies and resources to promote high-quality practices to ensure sustainable change. This research proposal, focuses initial implementation stage of theIntegrated Model of Family Foster Care (MIAF) – a CWPM recently developed to respond to the current national priority in terms of CW policies, aiming to promote high-quality FFC practice standards and assist foster families and children to achieve safety, stability, and well-being outcomes.
This study aims to conduct a mix-method process and outcome evaluation, including a quasi-experimental 12-months follow-up, of the MIAF to assess the promising of the model.

Data de início/fim efetiva1/01/2331/12/25

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