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The 3Boost project, promoted by UCP, aims the transfer of Scientific and Technological Knowledge in the areas of Agro-Food Biotechnology and Biomedicine/Health, transversally incorporating Bioinformatics.
The main objective of the project is to enhance the economic value of the R&D results in the areas of bioeconomy, by strengthening the transfer of knowledge to the business sector and strengthening the conditions for start-ups, through the transformation of innovative ideas and technologies generated by researchers, PhD and Master's students, from the UCP regional centers of Porto and Viseu.
The project will contribute to the sustainability of the knowledge transfer function, stimulation, detection and development of ideas for business projects based on products and services and exposure and involvement of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders.
It is especially oriented towards an impact on priority economic sectors in the North and Central Region, consistent with the respective RIS3, oriented towards an intelligent and sustainable economic growth, seeking specialization and internationalization that differentiate and add value to the economic and social fabrics of the regions. The development benefits from the possibility of a greater capacity to incorporate a greater intensity of technology and knowledge, taking into account central issues of circular economy and sustainability, as well as digitalization and industry 4.0, which will be even more relevant in a post-covid economy.
Activity 1 - Competencies and R&D Results
Activity 2 - Awareness, Prototypes and Proofs of Concepts
Activity 3 - Business Models
Activity 4 - Seminars, Mentorship and Consultancy
Activity 5 - Roadmapping, Surveillance and Patents
Data de início/fim efetiva27/01/2230/06/23


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