A experiência transcendental e atemática do Mistério de Deus nas metafísicas de José Enes e Gustavo de Fraga

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Contrary to the idealism of Kant that renders knowledge of God inviable, the transcendental philosophy of José Enes and the phenomenological metaphysics of Gustavo de Fraga maintain the scope for knowledge about God not in the ontological perspective of intellectual intuition of Espinosa and Bergson but rather in the a posteriori sense of an original transcendental experience in which man confronts Absolute mystery. Human beings thus only know explicitly and categorically what God is to the extent that they are consciously able to appropriate transcendental reality, which is founded in the abyss of ineffable Mystery beyond that which may be totally objectified.
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Páginas (de-até)817–838
RevistaRevista Portuguesa de Filosofia
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 24 jul 2017