A protein profiling strategy for periodontal disease applications: the Perio-SalivaPRINT

Nuno Rosa, Eduardo Esteves, Ana Cristina Esteves, Gustavo Fernandes, Maria Correia, Walter L. Siqueira, Marlene Barros

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Objectives: It is known that several clinical situations have characteristic molecular deregulations. Some molecular data underlying these deregulations can be found in saliva and have been annotated in databases (SalivaTecDB). Strategies are needed to identify the phenotypes characteristic of these deregulations. Our group has developed a strategy that allows the establishment of saliva protein profiles reflecting different conditions (health and disease). These profiles can be integrated to clinical data (SalivaPRINT Toolkit). The present work aims to identify the Periodontal Diseases (PD)-specific protein profiles. Methods: Unstimulated whole saliva was collected from a group of healthy subjects and a group of PD patients (with gingivitis, periodontitis or periimplantitis). Salivary proteins were separated by the Experion™ automated capillary electrophoresis. The protein profiles of each condition were integrated with the corresponding protein data retrieved from our in-house database (SalivaTecDB). Results: The strategy used enabled the determination of a total protein profile from saliva characteristic of each PDs -the Perio-SalivaPrint. The use of the SalivaPrint Toolkit allowed the identification of molecular weight ranges altered in PD. Using SalivaTecDB we were able to suggest proteins potentially involved in the underlying dysregulated mechanisms of the disease.
Conclusions: This approach enabled the determination of a Perio-SalivaPrint – protein profiles specific for gingivitis, periodontitis or periimplantitis - that could empower the use of saliva as a simple and less expensive diagnostic and monitoring fluid. The strategy presented could be an important tool for future applications in the early diagnostic/ screening of Periodontal Disease patients with applications in chairside monitoring.
Idioma originalEnglish
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2019
EventoCED-IADR/NOF - Oral Health Research Congress - Madrid, Madrid
Duração: 19 set. 201921 set. 2019


ConferênciaCED-IADR/NOF - Oral Health Research Congress

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