Adolescent hope in the context of nursing care: a scoping review

Ana Paramos, Cláudia Ferreira*, Fernanda Loureiro, Zaida Charepe*

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Problem: Hope is a multidimensional concept with a multidisciplinary approach in different areas of health intervention. From the perspective of the discipline of nursing, the concept of hope in the adolescent has been defined. However, its characterization is not consensually established but is necessary for nurses to be able to plan interventions aimed at its promotion. This scoping review aims at mapping the existing knowledge about adolescent's hope in the context of nursing care and contributing to the improvement of nursing interventions. Eligibility criteria: The review was conducted using Joanna Biggs Institute methodology, and was conducted in Pubmed, Cinahl, Scielo, Ebscohost, Open Grey, Mednar, Worldwidescience, and Science Direct. Inclusion criteria included quantitative, qualitative, or mixed studies as well as systematic reviews and opinion articles, published in Portuguese or English, without publication date limitation, with “adolescents” as the population, “hope” as a concept, and “nursing” as context. Overall studies quality was quite high. The extraction of relevant information from each selected article was summarized in a table that is publicly available at Open Science Framework. Sample: A total of 1259 articles were identified by title and 1220 were excluded by abstract.25 empirical articles met the inclusion criteria. Results: The concept of hope in this population was associated with other concepts such as resilience or well-being. Nursing interventions increase hope with positive outcomes in healthy or with chronic/complex diseases adolescents. Conclusion: Hope is an essential component of nursing care for healthy, with chronic or complex disease adolescents with increased interest in the scientific community. Implications: This review recommends orientations for the nursing process with a central focus in address human responses, nursing interventions, and the results of those interventions.
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RevistaJournal of Pediatric Nursing
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 1 mar. 2023

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