Análisis relacional entre los factores de protección, resiliencia, autorregulación y consumo de drogas

José García del Castillo Rodriguez, Paulo Dias

Resultado de pesquisarevisão de pares


This work focuses on the relationship between protective factors andresiliency, self-regulation and the legal and illegal substance use in agroup of 215 adolescents from High School (Felgueiras, Portugal) level.The results allow us to verify a relationship between substance use andsome resiliency and protective factors but weren’t found a meaningfulrelation with self-regulation in the majority of the substance use type.Excepts the "Impulse control”, that favors those individuals who do notexperiment cocaine, crack or other drugs. Despite the lack of relationshipbetween self-regulation and most of substance use, some interesting tipsallow us to infer the importance of this concept, which was strengthenedby the moderate correlation between self-regulation and resilience factors. However, the relationship between self-regulation and consumercan be mediated by other variables, given its importance in the explanation of resilience.
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Páginas (de-até)309-332
RevistaSalud y Drogas
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2007
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