An eco-structuralism approach in soundscape (data) composition

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In this paper we present the motivations, processes and results of two experimental music pieces. Two approaches as how the soundscape can catalyze direct inspiration and raw material to the creation of music. By describing the processes and results of public presentations, we identified approaches reinterpreting raw data in music composition. The first work is a 9 minute piece for tape, small orchestra and improvisation ensemble. The main purpose was to capture the soundscape identity around the concert hall and transform it in a music piece. The second work is a 6 minute piece for 4 channel (quadriphonic) tape. The purpose of this piece was to experiment a more purist approach to create music with the data information taken from a random soundscape of a random full day from an urban space also chosen randomly. Furthermore, some considerations are inferred about the artistic relevance of using this approach, raising questions about the musical outcomes vs. original sound sources.
Idioma originalEnglish
Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 1 out 2014
Evento9th Audio Mostly: A Conference on Interaction with Sound, AM 2014 - Aalborg
Duração: 1 out 20143 out 2014


Conferência9th Audio Mostly: A Conference on Interaction with Sound, AM 2014

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