An exploratory study about the characterization of caffeine consumption in a Portuguese sample

Patrícia Batista, João Peixoto, Patrícia Oliveira-Silva*

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Caffeine is one of the most used psychoactive substances worldwide, with an impact in multiple spheres (individual, social, and economic). In addition, there is evidence of the physiological, cognitive, and emotional effects after consumption. This study aimed to examine caffeine consumption in a Portuguese sample by characterizing and understanding the pattern of consumption and the reasons for it. The sample was composed of 208 subjects recruited through the university’s social media channels to answer an online questionnaire between April and June 2020. The results showed a higher consumption in males and the group of subjects aged between 31 and 35 years. The coffee “express” is the most consumed source of caffeine in this Portuguese sample (70.2%). The data showed that improvement in alertness and the taste of products with caffeine were the main reasons for consuming caffeinated products. In conclusion, this study calls attention to the characterization of caffeine consumption to understand the need for such consumption and its effects on body functions and health. It is important to highlight the potential benefit of caffeine consumption due to its impact on the quality of life and health since this substance has effects not only on physical and mental health but also on social well-being.
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