And it keeps going or the never-ending song of life

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And it keeps going or the never-ending song of life

Brass, Sound transducers 48kHz 24bits, Video projection H.264 1280 x 720, adapted software.

Proliferation or Multiplication. Oogenesis is the biological process of formation of female reproduction cells, the oocytes, in animals. The success of each oocyte depends on a complex cellular ecosystem that guaratees the beauty of the beginning/continuation of a life. In a magically synchronized chaos of microcopies events in which the whole works in a single direction, each of the elements is part of a perfect gear for the multiplication of genetic information. This cellular level process is a dimension of reality, of our reality, a present and fundamental reality to which we have been constructing a truth through a visual perception of this world. This work address the same question of this truth orphaned from other dimensions of perception. This biological process is used as a model to build and propose an object as an invitation to a reading plan of the intimate and conscious relationship that can go beyond explicit characteristics with a speculative sound dimension, sonifying cellular processes of growth, multiplication, movement, etc. both that they give rise to a future life, and that they can culminate in catastrophe if this mechanism fails or breaks.

COPRAXIS exhibition.
The exhibition brings together works made by eight artists during the COPRAXIS project. With the aim of promoting the creation of plastic arts, resulting from an experimental process at the intersection between art, science and technology, the project was based on the creation of works from a period of artistic residencies at i3s - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde, in Porto, together with scientific collaborators and at Ectopia - Laboratório de arte experimental, in Lisbon.
Adam Zaretsky | Ana Santos | Dalila Honorato | Gilberto Reis/Moirika Reker | João Dias | José Alberto Gomes | Paulo Bernardino Bastos
Scientific Collaborators:

Carlos Conde | Elsa Logarinho | Eurico Morais de Sá | Mónica Sousa
Idioma originalEnglish
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 1 abr. 2022
EventoCOPRAXIS exhibition - Lisboa
Duração: 5 mar. 202326 mar. 2023

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