Anxiety impact during COVID-19: a systematic review

Patrícia Batista, Vitor Duque, Ana Luzio-Vaz, Anabela Pereira

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Introduction: The COVID-19 epidemic has been causing serious physical, but also psychological effects in society. This systematic review sought to identify studies that describe COVID-19 related anxiety, and to understand the impact of anxiety assessment in defining strategies to be implemented in future studies.Methodology: This systematic review included cross-sectional studies with no publication year limit. It was performed a systematic search through three databases, namely, PubMed, Science Direct and Web of Science using the descriptors “COVID-19” and “anxiety”. PRISMA criteria reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses were applied. Eligible articles were selected in accordance with inclusion and exclusion criteria. The inclusion criteria were: research articles related with anxiety measurement during the COVID-19 outbreak; interventions to reduce anxiety; and published in English.Results: From 44 references, just four scientific articles were accepted for inclusion within this review. These studies were analyzed regarding their sample, methodology, instruments used, and its results.Conclusions: This systematic review was based on published data at the onset of the pandemic, and it could serve as a basis for the development of implementations plans to improve anxiety disorders. The importance of this theme, the implications and potential directions for future investigations will be discussed.
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RevistaJournal of Infection in Developing Countries
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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 31 mar 2021

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