Aprender a ensinar: o programa pedagógico do P. Jouvency

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The first evangelical project of the Society of Jesus did not foresee a special dedication to teaching, but this ministry ended up revealing the nature of its essentiality in the Ignatian dynamics. Committed to creating a school network of extraordinary breadth, the Society of Jesus needed a unifying document, the Ratio atque Institutio Studiorum Societatis Iesu (1599),which guaranteed for all its schools not only the identity and continuity of principles, but also the consistent articulation of pedagogical methods and procedures. A century later, in a
context of growing moral and spiritual crisis, there would be an urgency to complement this work, in order to adjust it to the needs of teachers who were growing increasingly removed from classical studies. Thus was published in 1703 the De Ratione discendi et docendi, by Father Jouvency, S.J., one of the most devoted Jesuit educators and humanists. Above all, the work has the merit of underlining, from a highly current pedagogical perspective, the peculiar
responsibility of the teacher’s mission. As a conscious and committed mediator of a precious legacy, the educator – who learns to teach – must be concerned not only with the content, means, and ways of teaching, but also (and above all) with methods of their own prior learning, in order to perfect the mechanisms by which he will pass on to students what he has learned.
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